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Kindergarten Mpourmpoulithres
Sapfous 127, 17675, Kallithea
T: 2130289290


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The kindergarten will operate with a double schedule.
Breakfast 7:30 am-4 pm. and in the afternoon at 3pm-9 pm.

This is done to serve the parents who work in the afternoons. The afternoon will have the same schedule and the same facilities as breakfast.

* This idea was born in me when I started looking for a kindergarten for my son at the same time as the ones I was missing at work 4 pm-9 pm.
I thought that if he missed school in the morning and I would go to work in the afternoon, we would only meet at bedtime.
Since up to the age of 6 it is good for the child to have as much contact with his mother as possible and to gradually and smoothly become independent (later, in fact, he has other obligations such as reading, sports…)

Searching I found out how many parents have this need… (doctors, lawyers, store employees, psychologists, etc.).
It is a very bad feeling to leave for work and feel remorse for leaving your child.
We will meet this real need together;-)

with love
Fani Chalkia

let's not miss a minute of fun:-)


Our address is:

Kindergarten Mpourmpoulithres
Sapfous 127, 17675, Kallithea
T 2130289290


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