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Kindergarten Mpourmpoulithres
Sapfous 127, 17675, Kallithea
T: 2130289290


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  • Music Kinetics with Musical Instruments and Conservatory Teacher: 2 TIMES THE WEEK
  • Gymnastics with a teacher from TEFAA: 2 TIMES THE WEEK
  • English, daily, 40 minutes
  • We learn English with the most modern system (more information): EVERY DAY
  • Gardening - we plant and care for the fruit and vegetables of our garden.
  • We paint
  • We make our own works of art
  • Theatrical game
  • Music lessons with Harmony
  • Songs
  • Reading fairy tales in a specially designed space
  • Cooking - Little Chefs
  • Confectionery - Small confectioners
  • Developmental learning games (AB, numbers, English, Geography, etc.)
  • Garden toys
  • Music-motor games - coordination
  • Dance
  • Mini football (led by renowned professional athletes)
  • Mini basketball
  • We Discover and Develop Our Children's Skills and Talents!
  • We teach children to be responsible for their own personal hygiene and the arrangement of their personal belongings.


How we teach English

Every day for 20. We live like Englishmen in Britain. We travel (to another room), we change names and whatever we say there is only in English! And because no one speaks before they hear it, we hear a lot of our stuffy friends, like Foxy and Bob, playing hide and seek. They count to 10 (and we with them) and they come out. Where Bob is, Foxy wonders. Under the chair? On the table; Behind the box or in it? We testify to him… hehehe. And then we sing, we search for the treasure following the map and we do what the children of our age do in their country and in their language. Because when we meet them we want to play and communicate with them. Okay;

Listen here to the show about the infinite languages ​​that a child can easily learn and how!

with real interest in the new generation

Fani Chalkia - Mina Fournaki
and collaborators

Let's not miss a minute of fun!


Our address is:

Kindergarten Mpourmpoulithres
Sapfous 127, 17675, Kallithea
T 2130289290


Various News

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