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Kindergarten Mpourmpoulithres
Sapfous 127, 17675, Kallithea
T: 2130289290


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Our kindergarten is open in the afternoon from 3pm to 9pm.

This is done to serve the parents who work in the afternoons. The afternoon section has the same schedule and the same facilities as breakfast.

* This idea was born in me, Fani Chalkia, when I started looking for a kindergarten for my son at the same time as the ones I was missing at work 4pm-9pm.
I thought that if he missed school in the morning and I would go to work in the afternoon, we would only meet at bedtime.
Since up to the age of 6 it is good for the child to have as much contact with his mother as possible and to become independent gradually and smoothly (later in fact he has other obligations such as reading, sports…)

Searching I found out how many parents have this need… (teachers, dance teachers, confectioners, coaches, doctors, lawyers, store employees, psychologists, etc.). It is a very bad feeling to leave for work and feel remorse for leaving your child.

We will meet this real need together


Afternoon Class (3:00 pm. – 9:00 pm.) [typical schedule]



15:00  – 15:30

Arrivals, free time (*)


Wash Hands- Afternoon Snack - Wash Hands


Garden - free playing


Our Afternoon Talk - The Topic of the Week.
Includes: presentation of sensory material, indoor motor games (practice of gross mobility), group motor songs (practice of gross and fine mobility)


Group kinetic songs


Story with pictures (narration duration 5 '). Repetition of the narrative. In repetitions of the next few days, the children will gradually tell the whole story with the help of pictures and questions. (practice in narrative speech)


Visual - free play


Wash Hands - Dinner – Wash Hands


Relax - Departure




  • Insurance & Medical Coverage
  • Food (for those parents who wish) with extra financial charge.




The bread will be made daily by the children with the help of the responsible educator.
The salads will be prepared mainly from vegetable products that have been planted and cared for by the children themselves in the vegetable garden of the station. The rest will be organic.
The following products will also be given in the meals that we will offer alternately.
1. Bread
2. Honey
3. Seasonal vegetables such as tomatoes or broccoli respectively.
4. Orange fruit, banana, apple (like fruit salad or juice in the form of juice)

All meals will be prepared and served by the children themselves to feel useful but also to come closer to understanding the creation-result.
We believe that engaging in food is very educational and enjoyable for children !!!

* The main meals given by the parents are kept and served by us.
* Please avoid liquid foods, foods that are dangerous for swallowing (such as fish with bones), sweet snacks (such as croissants, cakes, chocolates, cookies, etc.) and savory ones such as snacks, chips, etc.
* The child's water bottle should be marked with his name.



  • Gardening - we plant and care for the fruit and vegetables of our garden.
  • We paint
  • We make our own works of art
  • Puppet show
  • Theatrical game
  • Play therapy
  • Songs
  • Reading fairy tales in a specially designed space
  • Cooking - Little Chefs
  • Confectionery - Small confectioners
  • Developmental learning games (AB, numbers, English, Geography, etc.)
  • Garden toys
  • Music-motor games - coordination
  • Dance
  • We Discover and Develop Our Children's Skills and Talents!
  • We teach children to be responsible for their own personal hygiene and the arrangement of their personal belongings.

Let's not miss a minute of fun!



Below you can find each student's notebook for daily updates.

elegxos mathiti 


Notes: in the afternoon, extra activities (English, Gym, Αγγλικά, Γυμναστική, Music Kinetics), take place only if the enough members register to form groups  (15+).


Our address is:

Kindergarten Mpourmpoulithres
Sapfous 127, 17675, Kallithea
T 2130289290


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